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Written by Lance Lewman, Kristan King, and Gabriel Kane

Director: Lance Lewman

Sound Designer: Julianne Mason
The Players Theatre (New York, NY)

Brilliance is a brand-new musical based on the life of 1940's actress Frances Farmer, telling the story of struggles between fame and freedom. This was the world premiere production of Brilliance.

Music Director: Evan Swanson
Choreographer: Bobby Cassedy
Producers: Kristan Lewman Neva Krauss

Lighting Designer: Samuel J. Biondolillo
Associate Lighting Designer: Markus Johnson
Production LX: Edward Fogerty
Scenic Designer: Jim Stoneberger
Costume & Prop Designer: Indigo Rancourt
Stage Manager: Pau Tobar
Photos: Juliette Kealy & Victor Torres

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