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She Said, She Said

Written by Megan Medley

Directors: Sarah Cuneo & Kelly McCready

Sound Designer: Julianne Mason
The Chain Theatre (New York, NY)

She Said, She Said is the story of a young woman who is forced to move home to Kentucky when her NYC apartment is ruined in a hurricane, soon after to find out she is pregnant. She has to confront her fraught relationship with her mother as she decides whether to become one herself – under the time pressure of a state where abortion will soon become illegal. This was the world premiere of this show. 

There was a theme of an assembly line of trauma, and deeply routed sense of Kentucky as a home. Transitions alternated between devised machine sounds and composed or curated Bluegrass and Folk music. 

In the end, she is able to quiet her baby and has a beautiful monologue about motherhood. Then the baby wails out one last time as a button on the whole play. 

Screen Shot 2023-02-26 at 1.14.47 PM.png
Screen Shot 2023-02-26 at 1.17.03 PM.png

Presented by The Hive

Produced by Megan Medley, Sarah Cuneo, and Anita Castillo-Halvorssen

Stage Manager: Kathryn Ronan

Scenic Designer: Wells Thorne

Lighting Designer: Yiyuan Li

Costume Coordinator: Lisette Gabrielle

Props Coordinators: Wells Thorne & Anita Castillo-Halvorssen

Assistant Stage Managers: David De Almo & Caitlin Ouano

Photos: Jeremy Varner

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